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Tested the Port which is absolutely divine and the Cab Sav, was a real hit with friends – A. Stevens


Based on my small, initial experience with Settler’s Ridge wines, all I can say is that I have not drunk nor shared more pleasurable wine – Alan Bruce


I was sent a bottle of Shiraz and was very impressed by the nigh-on perfect soft ripe fruit together with the balancing acidity on the finish – C. Copping


You certainly are excellent wine makers, prior to visiting yourselves the best wine we had found was Robinvale which we used to really enjoy but we have to say that yours leaves it & all others standing – sincere congratulations… – David Bosley


I just wanted to let you know this new customer is delighted with your products. Yours was the first tastings I’ve ever done where I loved everything, and believe me, I’ve done a few!!! – Ian Baker


I explained that I was allergic to something in red wine…… I chose a bottle of Sangiovese Novello and was pleased to find I can actually drink it…… So thank you! Whatever it is that’s in your wine, or not in it, it’s obviously magic! – J. Carpenter


Do you ship your wines overseas? Our friends are returning to Norway and would love to continue drinking your fabulous wines – J. Davis


I recently returned back to the Gold Coast after spending almost 2 months in Margaret River…. and falling in love with your wonderful Chenin Blanc… I have never tasted a finer wine – and to top it off I can actually drink it without receiving the normal rash and flushed feelings, and terrible headache in the morning……. One of your biggest fans… – J. Shields


I drank some of your Shiraz when living in Melbourne last year and was most impressed – J. Wood


I have been drinking Settlers Ridge wines for around 8 years now, and I had the pleasure of meeting you both when the Asthma Foundation launched their partnership with you many years ago……. I cannot drink wine with preservatives due to an asthmatic reaction. Thanks to you I have become an avid Port drinker….. My friends are now all hooked on the Port commenting that it is smooth, sweet and Bloody good!……. My family are also very keen on Settlers Ridge. My sister is also asthmatic and my mum develops headaches from preservatives. So you see, you are a STAR for us!!… – Kelly Preston


I don’t know how it works but it does, (no after affects!)… This is for all the great wine you have supplied us over the years – Lance Hand


Thank you so much for the wine I received a while ago – for creating such lovely wine that I can drink without a visit to the hospital!…… When I was diagnosed as being allergic to sulphides – that is not only caused an asthma attack but a migraine and nose bleed as well, I thought my wine drinking days were over but then I found your wonderful vineyard on the web and I can now drink again!…..” – M, Smith


So great to have no preservatives – delicious!!! – M. MacDonald


Thank you for your friendly service in your shop and your really great Sauvignon Blanc – M. Nuber


Excellent to see organic wines that are quality. Well done! – Maria & Peter Webb


At last something for Asthmatics – Narelle


Beautiful wines that don’t make me red in the face!! – yummy – Natasha


I visited your cellar door and bought some of the best wines I’ve tasted – R. Stevens


I have been a fan of your wines for many years and really enjoy your products – S. Hayter


It’s the only red I can drink…. Haven’t been able to drink red for 15 years until I found Settlers Ridge… You have a customer for life! – Trevor Grant


Great to enjoy a bottle of wine finally without having an allergic reaction. Thanks for finally being able to sit down with friends and enjoy a bottle of wine or two!!!! – Wendy McCormack