settlers-ridge_43In the cellar, ‘organic’ suggests minimal processing and no use of chemical additives. Organic winemakers pay particular attention to three factors: the use of yeasts, filtration/fining methods and use of sulphur. The need for cultured yeasts in organic winemaking is reduced by the farming practice itself, for wild yeasts remain present, not having been eliminated by weed killers or insecticides. The physical treatment of the wine is kept to a minimum by selectively hand-picking and tender handling of fruit.
settlers-ridge_16Minimising the use of sulphur needed as an antioxidant is stringently observed. It is extremely difficult to make wine that will keep well without adding at least some additional sulphur to those naturally produced. This is particularly true of white wines, which ferment apart from grape skins. Red wines ferment with juice and skins together, providing them not only with their colour but with tannin, a natural preservative.