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A semi-sweet, soft red wine best served chilled. It has natural residual fruit sugars with very pleasant berry overtones.

Note: Orders in quantities of twelve (12) as we ship cases only.  Can be purchased in a mixed case.

Price per case = $216.00 @ $18.00 per bottle.

Price per bottle at Cellar Door = $20.00 




  1. Lee-Anne (verified owner)

    I’m no wine aficionado and I like Settler’s Ridge for the low or no preservative options. We drink a bottle of this roughly every weekend once the weather warms up (not big drinkers)! It is so light and enjoyable to drink and very moreish. I love it teamed with just about anything! For a light red it is a satisfying drop! Just about to order another case.

  2. Lee-Anne (verified owner)

    I can’t provide a technical overview of this wine (or any other) but I just love drinking it! It’s light and refreshing, very drinkable in all weather and with many foods. Importantly it’s great if you have a sensitivity to wines which a friend of mine does – this is one of the last remaining wines she can enjoy freely without feel queasy. It’s flavoursome and every time and never fails to delight! Just ordering a case now!

  3. martina

    if you are a almost raw organic foodie like myself this wine is a must! the taste is like a dream….. wild straberries. it’s like an alcoholic hybiscus kombucha! yummmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Tish

    Not having a mature palate for wine is why I love the lantana. Mmmm! It’s like drinking fruity lolly water.

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