6 Pack Mixed Reds (Shiraz/Cabernet)


2009 Cabernet Sauvignon – 3 Bottles ($33.00 per bottle)

Smooth, right to the finish, this wine has lingering soft tannins, rich blackberry flavours and has and has been aged for 19 months and then has been cellared  for 3.5 years in the bottle before release.

2014 K-Lorraine Shiraz/Cabernet – 3 Bottles ($23.00 per bottle)

To commemorate 20 years since launching Settlers Ridge wine to the market, we decided to produce a Shiraz/Cabernet with the same ratio of Shiraz to Cabernet (60/40) as our first red in 1997.

Note: Available for purchase by Perth metropolitan customers only (Postcodes 6000-6214 and 6800-6999)


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